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Hertime Hormonal Support- Peach Passion

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Your monthly lifesaver, period. Hertime is a nutritional supplement that helps balance hormones on the daily*. When taken consistently, hertime daily can help you take control of bloating, cramps, mood swings, irregular flow, and low energy*. No matter the phase of your cycle, hertime supports your period health by keeping your hormones in check. Your pms problem-solver. Promotes hormonal balance Soothes menstrual cramps Levels mood swings Eases bloating Supports normal cycles We recommend taking hertime daily every day! Consistency is key to hormone balance! Take it with 8-12 oz of water and throw in a herpower or hermulti for some of our favorite combos! Take one daily Mix in 8-12 oz water Great for teenagers, pre-menopause + post-menopause women Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing