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Get Inspired by the Versatility of Our Women’s Tops


Women's tops should be high-quality, affordable and comfortable among other things. Our beautiful styles enhance women’s lives and well-being. Be versatile in an ever-changing world while living fashionably. We strive to provide boutique style clothing that is fun, affordable, and fashionable!

Look Professional

Want a top to look more businesslike? Put a jacket over it and add dress pants or an appropriate skirt. Bold jewelry and a trendy pair of shoes can help you complete the look.

Choose from multiple prints, colorful designs and trendy styles. Walk into the office with a purpose. Make a statement with pieces that flatter the figure. 

With Dales, you can make clothing purchases that are both inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing -- and then use those pieces to show the world your best self. Go to a job interview with a high self-esteem and keen expectations. Socializing and networking is simpler with clothes that fit beautifully.

Be Comfortable

Our women’s tops fit a variety of moods and activities. Feel great in a casual white top while relaxing at home or sitting in an office cubicle. Dress it up or wear it with shorts. Wear one of our fun and feminine tops when going shopping or while attending college classes. Stay cool in a tunic top while exploring nature in the outdoors or new opportunities, or just while you sit in a comfortable chair and read a favorite book.


Wear one of our cute and comfy tees when you grab a yoga mat and sit in a scenic area to meditate on the day. Whatever your plans include, our women’s tops fit in beautifully.

Get Creative

The women’s tops we offer are very versatile, from tank tops to cozy sweaters! Pick one favorite top and mix and match it with various clothing items to create unique outfits. Add flats, boots or high heels and jewelry to complete the look. Purses, handbags and belts can also be a fashionable addition.

Enjoy wearing a tunic top or blouses with button fronts. Be expressive and creative without compromise. Colorful clothes can provide motivation for success. When an outfit is complete, celebrate that! Snapping photos might make the day more memorable.

Each woman has a unique personality and style. We provide an opportunity to stand out in different settings. Wear our tops with positivity in mind and a fun attitude, and let our fashions inspire you! Shop with Dales Clothing today, either on our website or in-store.