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Written by Dales Clothing


Posted on August 30 2022

Wooooo Pig Sooie

Razorback fans, this is the blog for you! We recently just dropped a collection featuring red, black and white clothes that tend to match up with today’s fashion and trends.  From comfy casual to over the top chic..we have it all !!


Blazers are a must have for football season. Layering is always an easy way to effortlessly add some style to an outfit.  Blazers are very classy looking for not much of an expense. For warmer weather, there’s quarter sleeve lengths to choose from with light weight material. 


Cowgirl boots are a signature look for Razorback games. The fun thing about our boots is that you’ll fit in with the southern style while also standing out of the crowd. We have so many different styles, colors/prints and materials to choose from. Pairing boots will definitely complete your game day look and not to mention, they go with literally everything!!! SUPER versatile.


Leather clothing is very trendy and always has been! Not only is it great for a chic look but it can be handy for cooler weather. Whether it’s a skirt, shorts, or pants…wear that leather!!


Denim is your best friend for football season. It’s super versatile and you can style it year round, no matter the weather!! Ours is great quality that will last a lifetime of games. Denim is one of the easiest clothing to mix & match with. We offer so many styles of denim…skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, etc! 

Graphic Tees

Razorback t-shirts are super popular, no matter the sport. If you’re wanting more of a comfy casual look, then this is the route for you. You can easily dress up a graphic tee with jackets, blazers, skirts, heels, etc. Hog tees are a super easy find in most stores and are typically non-expensive. 



Leopard print is huge in fashion right now. Throwing on some printed accessories or shoes adds so much detail and character to a fit. You can find leopard anything these days whether it’s a purse,  jewelry, or jackets! 


Red White & Black

Red, white and black are popular colors to mix & match with for Arkansas razorbacks. You can use your imagination with clothing options using these colors. You can never go wrong with a basic color themed look.