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Louis Vuitton Upcycled Gift Ideas

Written by Dales Clothing


Posted on November 24 2020

One of our favorite collections at Dale’s is our LV Upcycled collection. Each of these products includes a little piece of a used Luis Vuitton item. They are all unique, and no item is exactly like another one. 


Our upcycled LV hats are so adorable with the LV trim around the rim! We have nine different colors. The perfect gift for Christmas!


The LV Upcycled earrings are adorable!! We have different styles, shapes, and sizes. The best part about these earrings is they come with an extra pair of leather backings, so you have two earrings in one!

Bracelet Set 

This set comes with 5 bracelets! The classic jasper-like beads go perfectly with the subtle hints of bling on each bracelet, and the mixture of colors would make this accessory perfect for any outfit.


I love the inside of this wallet because it has a zipper compartment to hold coins, and it has credit card compartments as well! This specific wallet has a unique type of leather inside! It is 10" wide and 5" tall. 

Coin Purse/ Keychain

This little coin purse is so cute! It’d be a charming addition to your keychain or purse. The inside is leather, and the soft cheetah fur makes it a bold, yet small, statement.


This one of a kind LV backpack has a distinctive three texture mix with leather, denim, and leopard fur. The soft leather straps make this the perfect bag to take with you on a long shopping day or a great addition to a cute outfit. 

DISCLAIMER-Dales Clothing DOES NOT sell licensed Louis Vuitton products.  Dales Clothing is in NO WAY associated or affiliated with Louis Vuitton and/or it's subsidiaries.