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Gifts For Her Under $50

Written by Dales Clothing


Posted on November 15 2021

Pink Wine Swig 

A swig cup is one of the easiest and most valuable small gifts you could possibly choose from! A cup can be used in various office pens and such.  You could even personalize it with a monogram or her name to make it more sentimental with meaning behind it.  This is a simple gift that will get so much daily use out of it, whether it be for her office, trips, errands, etc! Plus, she may think of you when she uses it or receives a compliment on it!! It’s a good brand that will last her a long time. Plus, I’m sure she’ll be grateful when she realizes it will keep her drink warm/cool for hours upon use!


Who doesn’t love a cute pair of slippers?? They’re so comfortable for around the house and she’ll use them daily. They give off a good homie feeling and we have some stylish pairs to choose from! She’s guaranteed to put them on right after she opens them because slippers really are the best shoes to wear on Christmas!!


Giving jewelry as a gift makes it a special memory she’ll never forget. Jewelry is special for anyone because it can suit any personality. A cute necklace or pair of earrings shows her that you put thought into her present instead of going the easy route and purchasing a gift card. can never have enough accessories!!

Weekender Bag

If she likes to travel or spend weekends away from home..then our weekender duffle bag is a must!! We have several prints to choose from and they’re very light weight. It’s super convenient for business trips for all your personal items or paperwork. Some women also use these for their gym bag for all their equipment or extra clothes!

Laptop Case

Okay we know what you’re one would even think to purchase a laptop case for your computer..but that’s exactly why it makes it a great gift! It’s not a typical item most people think of buying until it comes down to the moment of actually needing one. You can choose from our many prints and get it customized for her if you want it to be extra sentimental!! These are seriously a life saver and she will appreciate the thought!


Who doesn’t love a good smelling candle?! These make for really good gift for just about anyone! Candles add aesthetic for wherever you place it, whether it be the office or home area. They can be super relaxing or calming. Evidence actually shows the right smells can help reduce anxiety and promote wellness! Check out all the many scents we have to offer!