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Gift Ideas

Written by Dales Clothing


Posted on December 08 2020

It’s only two weeks until Christmas! We have the perfect gift ideas that every girl will love!

The Satin Sleep Set 

This sleep set includes one standard size pillowcase, one eye mask, and one scrunchie. All three are satin which is the perfect material because it’s gentle on skin and hair, and it fights frizz. The eyemask is great for blocking out light, giving you a more restful sleep. 

Exfoliating Spa Gloves

These gloves gently exfoliate the skin to renew and revive the skin. You can add your favorite body wash into the spa gloves for a deep cleanse. 

Plush Bow Headand

This super soft headband is perfect for keeping hair away from the face when taking off make up or applying it. It is also perfect to use for an at home spa day!

Chic Black 7-day Set 

This set includes seven mini Makeup Erasers one mini laundry bag. It has a mini makeup eraser for every day of the week! These makeup erasers work magic when taking off make up. 

Hologram Set 

The Hologram Set includes: one full size pink MakeUp Eraser, one headband, & one holographic makeup bag. This is great to take on the go or on trips! One makeup eraser equals 3,600 makeup wipes, how crazy is that?

Dual Texture Mini Facial Pads

These mini facial pads remove makeup and deeply cleanse the pores. Each facial pad has two sides. One side is a soft microfiber to remove makeup, and the other is an exfoliating side for cleansing and opening pores.

Micro Derm Roller

This little roller will stimulate collagen to repair the skin, improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and so much more. This is a great gift for all of those beauty gurus out there.