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Bridal Blog

Written by Dales Clothing


Posted on February 17 2022

Planning a wedding can be STRESSFUL!! But our whole idea of this collection is to help our brides to-be feel less overwhelmed. We have several different styles to choose from. For all the events leading up to the BIG day, we have all sorts of cute accessories to complete all your bridal looks!


Engagement Party

An engagement party is where all your close friends and family get together to celebrate. Usually everyone will just eat, take pictures and hangout. This party can be fancy or casual, although it’s typically dressy-casual.



Bridal/Wedding Shower

This is the event that the bride and groom will receive gifts (typically household gifts) in front of everyone. Everyone gets to mingle, enjoy a meal, play fun games and drink! This event is usually only for close friends and family. Most brides and grooms dress very classy for this event. 



Stock The Bar

This is a unique occasion for the couple to receive wine, spirits and essentials for a bar in their new home! It’s honestly just another excuse to throw a party to celebrate and drink with friends. LOL. This is more of a casual attire.



Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

This party is separated between the bride & her bridesmaids and the groom & his groomsmen. You can celebrate this by going out to the club, taking a weekend trip, or simply just planning a spa day. Whatever the occasion is, it’s usually something along the lines of what the bride or groom is interested in. So depending on the plans, your outfit may differ. 


Rehearsal Wedding/Dinner 

It’s exactly how it sounds! The wedding rehearsal is practicing walking down the aisle to be on your best A-game on the big day! These are usually followed by the dinner. The dinner is a big part of the families getting together to mingle and spend a little more time together. These are typically nice and classy.


Welcome Party

Welcome parties are usually only thrown for couples who have a destination wedding. It’s typically thrown at the certain time or day that guests will arrive at the specific location of wherever the wedding is. It’s just a fun event for all the wedding guests to mingle and have a good time instead of sitting in their hotel room. 



Bridesmaid Luncheon 

This is usually held the morning of the wedding. This is where the bride hands out “thank you” gifts to all the women involved in party planning and etc. 



This is basically just getting ready for the wedding! The bride will have her makeup and hair getting done, so usually you’ll want to dress in something comfy and easy to remove! We have the perfect robes just for this specifically. 


Day After Brunch

This is just a buffet styled event that is for saying goodbyes and mingling with all the guests one last time. It is traditionally a buffet style but all the events really just depend on what the bride and groom like!