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2018 Fall Trends

Written by Jenna Harlan


Posted on July 21 2018

 2018 Fall Trends 

from a southern point of view

The most recent question I have been getting is.. "Jenna WHAT is going to be in style for fall this year?!?"

Well, I've got good news for those who have been questioning fall 2018's trends. In this post, I will be mentioning one hot color I see moving into the next season along with a updated twist on an old material and a surprise topic!


     The first trend I have seen most recently is the color dusk. It's a dusty purple color. Definitely not the normal "fall" purple. It's very muted and easy on the eyes. I see this color fitting right along in with the olive, rust, and mauve colors as we transition from the summer months to fall. It is a good color for those who love the bright colors of summer but not quite ready to trade out to the darker, richer colors of fall. Currently, at Dale's, we have some slip on shoes by Vionic that are the dusk color along with a few solid basic tees and cardigans. It will be seen more and more as we move along into cooler weather and (hopefully) fall temperatures.

What do you think of this color? Will you jump in on the dusk trend?




      So, the next thing I wanted to cover in this blog was an updated twist on an old material. You always hear that "history repeats itself".. fashion does too! Of course with us being in the south, we are behind LA and NYC fashion and usually catch the hottest trends the next season.The old material this year is corduroy. Corduroy is essentially a ridged form of velvet, and we all know velvet was the going trend last year so we've got to spice it up a little this year, right? Anyways, it started making it's way to the states last year, but is really killing it in the fashion industry this year. Every market we have been to so far, every vendor has had a piece or two of corduroy and it's not even fall yet!


For us--southern states-- the corduroy skirts will be a huge market. No color will be off limits because GAMEDAYskirt + off the shoulder top tucked in = perfect gameday outfit. Another corduroy item I spy making its debut in the south is a flare pant. We've had denim flares trending for a couple years so its safe to try a new material and I absolutely cannot wait for the cooler temps to come so it will be socially acceptable to start wearing corduroy flares. 

Pictured below are two ways I've style an emerald corduroy skirt. Thanks Halle Jo for modeling the duster :)


 Here Halle has on the corduroy skirt with a basic white tee, long simple necklace, strappy tan heels, and the printed duster cardigan.    


This flat lay features the skirt paired with an embroidered short sleeve blouse and tan strappy heels.  

Personally, I would front tuck this blouse into the skirt and add some bold earrings and layer some bracelets on!





     Okay.. the surprise topic is ATHLEISURE! It's actually no surprise that 2018 has been the year for fitness and athleisure so why wouldn't it make it into the fall's trend lineup? The biggest change I am noticing however isn't the clothing but the shoes!










Knock, Knock. 

The 80's are back again, and they are bringing the no-tie shoelaces with them.

The sleek, new modernized look of these tennis shoes makes the perfect addition to the whole athleisure outfit you are trying so hard to accomplish.

These slip on tennis shoes with an elastic "shoelace" have a sporty look with the contrasting colors and leather upper.

Slip them on with some leggings, a basic or graphic tee, and a denim jacket for a casual look.

(taken from Jenna's personal blog :) )





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